Vila Nova de Cerveira

Vila Nova de Cerveira was created in 1320 by King Dom Dinis.


Overlooking the Minho River and bordering the Galician village of Goián, Vila Nova de Cerveira has beautiful houses from the 17th and 18th centuries, flanking the narrow streets, and a tranquil atmosphere that contributes to enhancing its picturesque charm. It is worth visiting the Mother Church, the Misericórdia chapel and the Walls, among others.


The Minho River offers breathtaking scenery, such as the beautiful panorama that can be seen from Monte da Senhora da Encarnação, from Cervo (sculpture by master José Rodrigues) or from the viewpoint of Calvário de Gondarém.


From the mountain you can see the river on its way to its mouth in Caminha. The heart-shaped island of Boega and the island of Amores contribute to making this landscape of unparalleled beauty.


The gastronomy of the region is naturally dominated by the presence of the river: the visitor is never disappointed with the rich flavors of shad chaff rice, from lamprey to bordaleza or with rice.


The Cerveira fair is one of the largest in Northern Portugal weekly and is held on Saturdays. It transforms the small quiet village, in a more lively place motivated by the visit of thousands of tourists, both Portuguese and Spanish.